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A Screenplay
By Hilma Volk

LOG LINE: Earthquakes that rock Yellowstone National Park trigger localized disasters, leave a fiercely independent female ranger and her recently divorced supervisor fighting for survival, and foreshadow the arousal of the sleeping volcano below.

FACT: Beneath Yellowstone National Park a gargantuan volcano slumbers, a hot spot that ignited some of the world's most cataclysmic and explosives eruptions 2 million, 1.3 million, and 640,000 years ago. It is classified as "active".

SYNOPSIS: Two young men hold on for their lives on a precarious ledge above the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. They fell there when the earth shook. One of the three rangers to the rescue is a woman, the fiercely independent Head Naturalist ROBIN TAYLOR, who happened to be nearby.

While she and the recently divorced Park Superintendent, REX MONTGOMERY, attend a two-day meeting in the Tetons, earthquakes rock Yellowstone, altering geyser activity and shaking up visitors. Media attention focuses on Yellowstone's cataclysmic volcanic past. Despite warnings from a resident seismologist, the Assistant Superintendent is unwilling to make the decision to close the park. After all, Rex will return tomorrow.

As Rex and Robin head back, earthquakes pound, killing some, marooning thousands. The thirty people motor-stranded with our duo are airlifted out. But before the helicopter returns, Rex and Robin flee an outpouring of lava, then duck under a buffalo stampede, which destroys their two-way radio. Darkness thwarts the search.

A grizzly bear, boiling water, sudden chasms, and more threaten the duo. With each futile attempt to escape the increasingly hostile Yellowstone, Robin concocts a new scheme. In spite of herself, her vulnerable side emerges.

As they run out of options, a helicopter spots them. But it explodes during a shower of fiery volcanic rocks. Another of many quakes slams. A falling tree pins Robin, breaking her lower leg. Lava and forest fires closing in, Rex struggles to free her. A second chopper comes to the rescue.

In the nick they make it out of Yellowstone, but......

Screenplay Registered WGAw No. 987160


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